External Electrical Contractor Bath

External Electrical Contractor Bath

Security Lighting

External security lighting is an incredibly useful asset to any property, particularly premises with dark or otherwise poorly lit driveways or entrances.

Improve visibility and safety with wall-mounted or freestanding security lights, which can power on automatically when the sensor detects any movement nearby.

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Intruder Alarm Systems

An intruder alarm not only protects your home or business when you are away, but can also create an added feeling of security for those inside.

Hard wired or wire-free systems are available to suit your needs – be it a private or commercial property.

We can design, wire and fit your system at a cost you will be able to afford.

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Garden Lighting

Garden lighting can enhance an outdoor area and transform it into a much more usable space.

From rock lighting placed subtly in flower beds to pillar lighting marking out paths or driveways, there are many different options available to you.

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Outbuilding & Canopy Lighting/ Heating

Many people find themselves converting or renovating outbuildings or external spaces into something more practical, and that will often require a supply of electricity for lighting and/ or heating etc.

Quartz ray heaters can be installed under a canopy to enable year round outdoor comfort (shown in some of the pictures below.)